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Viewing Form Results
Viewing Form Results

How to view responses to your survey form and global analytics

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After a user has responded to a form in your Workspace, you can start viewing the responses. In the article below, we'll show you how to do so at a Workspace level as well as Super admin (global) level.

Viewing Responses in a Workspace

Step 1: Navigate to the desired Workspace and ensure you're on the Editor tab.

Step 2: Find the form in question and click Show Responses.

On this page, you'll see any/all responses.

By selecting responses on the lefthand side, you can then add them to the Workspace.

This makes the responses visible on the Shared view.

Viewing Responses on the Internal Tab

You will also find your forms and responses on the Internal tab by clicking Forms next to the activity feed.

You can click into any forms used in the workspace to see both the individual responses, as well as the summarized data.

Responses & Analytics at a Global Level

Super admins of the system can also view ALL survey responses across Workspaces. To do so, follow the guide below.

Step 1: From the home screen, click into Settings on the lefthand side.

Step 2: Under Objects > select Forms.

Step 3: Click into the desired form.

Step 4: Navigate to the Results tab.

Here you'll find every person who has responded and the individual answers.

On the lefthand side, you can narrow down responses by a specific Workspace if you do not wish to view the aggregate data.

You can also look at Summary data as opposed to individual response data.

Summary Analytics for Forms

The Summary tab within the results shows aggregate data to help you understand the big picture.

On the left, you'll find all responses to each question.

On the right, you'll see the following data:

  • Starts: How many people started filling out the form.

  • Submissions: How many people submitted the form.

  • Completion rate: This is starts/submissions.

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