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Creating a Form

How to create and edit a survey form in Dock

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Dock enables teams to create and send forms directly in Workspaces. This can be helpful for gathering information during a sales cycle, or for asking questions pre- or post-onboarding.

In the article below, we'll guide you through how to create a survey form.

Creating Forms

Step 1: From the home screen, click into Settings found on the lefthand nav bar.

Step 2: Under Objects > select Forms on the left.


This is where all forms are managed and tracked. Here you can see how many Workspaces a form is being used in, and completion data. It's also where you'll edit forms, as needed, later on!

Step 3: To create a new form, click on the New Form button on the top right. This will throw you into the creation flow.

Title & Description

The title and description of the form is always shown first to help introduce it.

Adding Questions

To add a question, click on the + button in the content panel, or click Add Question beneath the title.

There are several types of questions Dock supports:

  • Checkboxes

  • Dropdown

  • File upload

  • Multiple choice

  • Paragraph

  • Single Line

  • URL

Required Questions

Each question type you create has a toggle to make it required or not. By default, this is enabled.

Duplicating Questions

As a shortcut when creating your form, each question has the ability to be Duplicated. This will duplicate the exact question title and type. The new question will be added to the bottom of the form.

You can also duplicate questions in the content panel, by clicking on the dots to the right of the title.

Reordering Questions

You can always re-arrange questions by dragging and dropping them in the content panel. To the left of the question title, select the dots, and drag/drop!

You can also use the down/up arrows in question creation.

Deleting Questions

You can remove a question from either the content panel on the left or from the question itself in the form creation flow.

End Note

The end note is found at the bottom of the form. Here you can add a final message with a title and description to close out the form.

Publish! πŸŽ‰

The final step to form creation is to publish your survey. Doing so makes the survey live and able to be pulled into workspaces & templates.

Click here to learn more about the experience filling out the survey, and here to view results.

Editing a Form

Follow the same flow above to edit a form and add/update questions, but keep in mind the following!

Editing and republishing the form will have an impact on both the Response and Summary data.

  • If a user has already responded to the survey and a question is added afterwards, you will see that question as being not responded to in the results data.

  • If a user has already responded to the survey and a question is deleted afterwards, the question and response will be removed from the results data, as if it never existed.

If you are hoping to make significant changes to a form and it has already received responses, we might suggest creating a new one to protect the integrity of that data.

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