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Why Integrate Hubspot?

Benefits of Dock's Hubspot integration

Updated over a week ago


With our Enterprise plan, you have the ability to integrate Hubspot with Dock to streamline set-up of Workspaces and give your team greater visibility into client/customer touch points. Check out the demo video below or keep reading, to learn more about the advantages of this integration!

  • Create client workspaces directly within Hubspot.

  • Personalize workspaces with Hubspot data. Automatically populate workspaces with dynamic fields—including account and customer names, logos, emails, and more.

  • Track workspace data from HubSpot. Track views, task progress, order form statuses, and more without leaving your HubSpot dashboard.

  • View every client activity during sales and onboarding. See every time your client completes an action in a workspace—like watching a video, completing a task, or clicking a link—directly from HubSpot.

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