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Dynamic Variables

How to add dynamic content to Workspaces

Updated over a week ago

Dynamic variables are helpful as a shortcut to customizing templates! To use dynamic variables, start by setting up a workspace template.

From within the template, you'll see an option to add a dynamic variable to a section. Select the variable from the dropdown list to add to the workspace.

If you've created custom fields to sync over from your CRM (SFDC or Hubspot), you'll also be able to add these as dynamic variables.

Dynamic Variable Types

  • {{}}

  • {{}}

  • {{workspace.stage}}

  • {{workspaces.slackchannel}}

  • {{}}

  • {{}}

  • {{owner.avatar}}

  • {{owner.calendarlink}}

  • {{}}

  • Any custom field you have created

Now, when the template is used, the variables will auto-populate in the workspace.

Custom Fields as Dynamic Variables

Any custom fields you've created can be added as dynamic variables within a template. If you add these to the template, you'll see them also called out in the Internal tab under Additional Information once a workspace has been created.

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