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Custom Domains
Custom Domains

How to configure a custom domain for sharing workspaces

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To help integrate Dock as part of your brand and product experience, customers on our Enterprise plan can leverage custom domains. This allows you to use your own domain as opposed to the default domain!

We highly recommend that you pull in a member of your IT team to manage this configuration, as it also requires you to make changes in your DNS provider!

Configuration Steps

Step 1: From your Dock homepage, navigate to your Settings > Custom Domain (under Brand).

Step 2: Type in the domain you want (i.e. ""):

Dock only allows the ability to customize the subdomain. We do not support folders (forward slashes, etc).

Step 3: In your DNS provider, navigate to your domains and add a new record.

Below is the information you'll want to configure:

  • Type: "CNAME Record"

  • Host: The subdomain you've added in your custom domain in Dock (before the period). For our example, our host is "portal"

  • Value: The existing URL structure from Dock. This can be copied from your search bar when in our platform.

  • TTL: 60 min

Depending upon your DNS provider, the set-up may vary. Below is an example of ours:

Step 4: Check status!

Depending upon your DNS provider, it can take up to 24 hours to verify that it's connected.

Sharing a Workspace with a Custom Domain

When you share a workspace, the link to the Shared view will now be customized to the domain you've configured in your settings.

The custom domain will not impact the links found on the internal/editor view or elsewhere in the Dock platform.

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