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Mapping Custom Fields from your CRM
Mapping Custom Fields from your CRM

How to map your custom field from your CRM

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Once you have created your custom field(s) in Dock, the next step is to navigate to your integration settings and map them to your CRM. As a reminder, Dock allows you to map custom fields to Salesforce or Hubspot.

In the article below, we'll guide you through how to do so.

Mapping to your CRM

Step 1: From your Dock homepage, click into Settings on the lefthand nav bar.

Step 2: Under Company > click Integrations.

Step 3: Click on your CRM to access your settings. If you haven't integrated before, check out this section of our Help Center for guidance.

You can add field mapping to both the account and the opportunity level of your CRM.

Step 4: Click + Add field mapping on the bottom right of the Custom Dock fields table.

Step 5: From the dropdown under Dock Fields, select the title of the custom field you've created.

The direction for the sync will automatically be set from your CRM to Dock.

Step 6: Select the field from your CRM that this Dock field correlates to.

Once you've added the appropriate fields, you can move on to the next step โ€” adding these fields as dynamic variables within your template.

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