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Creating Custom Fields

How to create and edit custom fields in Dock

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Many customers we partner with choose to create their own custom fields which map to Salesforce or Hubspot. The reason for this is simple โ€”ย it allows you to use generic templates that include dynamic (smart) variables that are personalized to the customer.

Not sure what we mean by this? Check out this intro to custom fields that includes a real-life example!

To kick off this process, we'll want to first create the custom field(s) in Dock.

Creating the Custom Field

Step 1: From the log-in page, click on Settings on the left nav-bar.

Step 2: Under Objects > click Properties.

Step 3: Click the button Add Custom Field on the top right

We support many types of custom fields:

  • Single-line text

  • Multi-line text

  • Number

  • Date

  • Single Checkbox

  • Multiple Checkboxes

  • Dropdown Select

  • Radio Select

Depending upon the selection you make, you may have to add in options.

Text, Number and Date Fields

For the text, number, and date fields, simply provide a name and hit Create.

PLEASE NOTE: Naming is case sensitive and must match what you have in your CRM exactly.

Checkboxes and Select Fields

For the single/multiple checkboxes and dropdown/radio select options, you'll need to not only provide the name of the field, but each option as well. Once added, click Create.

PLEASE NOTE: Both the "Name" field and the options are case-sensitive. You'll want to make sure every single option in your CRM has been added to the drop down and the case/spacing matches exactly.

Once all of the fields have been created, you're ready to move on to step 2โ€” mapping these to your CRM!

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