Salesforce Integration

Benefits of the Salesforce Integration

1) When creating a Dock Workspace, sync Accounts and Opportunities from Salesforce

2) View Salesforce Opportunity data within the Dock Workspace side panel

3) Push Dock Activity to Salesforce Tasks on the Account or Opportunity records 

Once you get Dock data into Salesforce, you can use it for deal forecasting and lead scoring engines. 

It's also a great way to get quick access to Dock from Salesforce. Just click on the workspace link to access Dock

4) Push Dock Workspace link to Salesforce Accounts or Opportunities

This gives users quick access to Dock from within Hubspot and opens up the possibilities to create Hubspot automations (ex. emails) with the Dock workspace link 

How to setup the Salesforce Integration

1) Go to the Integration Page

2) Select the Salesforce Integration

3) Click integrate (you need to be a Salesforce Admin)

4) Login to Salesforce account (If you're already logged in, then you don't need to do anything)

5) Check mapping and adjust if needed

Dock automatically pulls in standard Salesforce fields for Accounts and Opportunities. If you use custom fields, you can always change the field you’re syncing with Dock

6a) Turn on Dock Workspace link sync (optional)

6b) In Salesforce, create a field for the Dock Workspace link. You can do it on the Account or Opportunity object

6c) In Dock, add in the newly created field to map with the Dock Workspace

7a) Toggle on Dock activity sync (optional)

Select which of the following you’d like to sync to Dock. We’ll push data to tasks on the Account or Opportunity objects

If you ever want to make edits - just click “edit integration”

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