Editing Workspaces

The following article describes how to edit workspaces


  • Workspaces are made up Sections
  • Sections are the building blocks of your workspace.
  • Add content (text, images, links, plans, etc.) to sections
  • Sections can be turned into templates
  • Sections can be hidden/shown from the shared view 

Editing Sections

Create new sections

Add new sections from the left side-bar or at the end of the canvas. 


Adjust the layout of a section by clicking on the pencil icon. Add rows above / below and adjust the columns in the section. 

Action Bar

Add content to sections with the action bar

Type of content supported

  • Text
  • Files (PDFs, CSVs, etc.)
  • Images
  • Embeds (see embed list)
  • Shared Plans
  • Links

Embedded Content

Dock supports a wide range of embeds from Loom videos to Google Slides to Miro boards. We can iFrame any website or application that allows for iFraming and have a number of native integration suggestions for customers. We also support the ability to embed code, so you can add any website/app that has embedded code functionality. 

Adding and Editing Text

Just start typing to add any text to Dock. To edit the text, highlight the text and use the text edit bar to make any adjustments. 

Section Templates

Any Section in a workspace can be saved to a template library.

Save Section to Template

In the left sidebar, click the three dot icon to open the dropdown menu. Select save as template

Adding Sections to Workspaces

When managing a workspace, you can add in section templates. 

Synced vs. Editable Templates

  • Editable section templates: user can edit them in the workspace. Acts like a normal section
  • Synced section templates: user can't edit the section from the workspace. The section can only be edited from the section library. One changed to a synced section will update all active workspaces.

Hidden Sections

Sections can be hidden from the shared view. 

This makes sharing content over time easier and allows teams to have sections dedicated to internal notes

Section Names and Navigation Bar

The section name auto populates the navigation bar. 

If needed, from the three-dot icon menu, you can hide just the section name from the nav bar without hiding the whole section. 

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