5 Steps to Get Started

1. Start from a Dock template

We have a number of workspace templates across a range of use cases to help you get started. 

2. Add test Account

While setting up your first workspace, you'll be prompted to tag an Account to the workspace. We recommend just adding a test Account, so you can practice building a workspace. 

3. Upload your own content

Use the replace feature to add your own content to the workspace

Or you can add new sections and add whatever you like - here's our article on editing workspaces

4. Share with a customer or colleague

When you're done building the workspace, it's time to share with a customer. Or if you're not ready yet, practice with a colleague. 

Just click publish. Set your permissions. Copy the link and share

5. Turn workspace into company template

We recommend turning workspaces into company templates. This makes it easier to standardize a process from customer to customer. 

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