Space Analytics & Activity

As users interact in the public view, you get insights into the user behavior. 

Accessing Analytics

Client Analytics can be accessed in two places. 

1. From within the Editor, you can toggle to Analytics using the top-nav bar. 

This view shows you all of the activity within that Space.

2. From the product homepage, you can also view Analytics across all of your spaces. 

Types of Analytics and Activity

There's three types of analytics and activity: 

Views: Each new person who viewed the space

Engagement: What the person clicked and interacted with when they were in the space.

Comments and Reactions: Clients have the ability to comment and emoji react to different content blocks. You'll see what they said, so you can respond. 

Email Notifications

When someone views a space, Dock will send you an email to alert you with a recap of what they interacted with. 


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