Embedded Content

Here's how to add embedded content from other software. 

Adding Embedded content

To add embedded content, click the embed icon from the action bar.

From there, select the software you'd like to embed and add the corresponding link. After you press continue, you'll see your content displayed in Dock. 

If you don't see your software in the pop up, try the "free form" selection. Depending on the software you're trying to embed, this will work just fine. If it doesn't work, please send us an email at support@dock.us and we'll work with you to find a solution. 

Embedded Content Workflows

To embed content within Dock, you'll likely need to take an action within the software product you're trying to embed. Most of the time, this means setting a certain level of permissions to make the product embeddable. Below you'll find instructions for each of the standard embedded Dock supports.

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