Invite Users to Dock

Dock is better with teammates. 

When you invite a teammate to Dock, they join your company subdomain and you'll be able to view/share Spaces with each other. This helps to streamline learnings and visibility across the company. 

Invite Team Member

inviting team members to Dock is simple. There's two places to invite team members: 

1. Product Homepage

2. Team Page

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After you click the "Send Invites" button, you'll be prompted to add the email address of the team member you want to invite.

Add the email address and click send. Right now, we can only send one invite at a time, so please repeat the process to invite multiple team members. 

Team Member Experience

Your teammate will receive an email to join your company subdomain on Dock. 

After they click "Join Dock," they'll go through the account creation flow and join your company's workspace on Dock. 

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