Text Editor

Within each content block, you have access to a full text editor, which gives you ability to customize the text that you type into each block. 

In order to customize the text and pull up the text editor bar, simply highlight the text  and the text editor bar will appear.

This will bring up a number of features, including: 

  • H1: turn text into a headline
  • H2: turn text into a sub-headline
  • Text: standard display text 
  • Bullets: create a bulleted list
  • Numbers: create a numbered list
  • Checkboxes: create a to-do list
  • Link: Link a specific word(s)
  • Bold: make the font bold
  • Italic: make the font italic
  • Colors: select a color for the font

As you select a feature, it will change the corresponding text that you highlighted in the content block. 

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