Messages is a place to have conversations within workspaces

Use cases for messages

  • Introducing the Workspace
  • Sharing Deliverables
  • Project Updates
  • Ad hoc conversations
  • Question prompts

How Messages Work

  • Messages are conversation threads
  • Anybody in the workspace can create a new message
  • Each message starts a conversation
  • Anybody in the workspace can comment to respond to the initial message
  • Every message has subscribers. Subscribers get email notifications for messages
  • Default subscribers are the workspace owner and message creator, but you can add anyone
  • Messages can be posted to a Slack channel (instructions on how to setup Slack integration)
  • Message support rich-text, pdfs, files, images, links and embeds

Messages & Email Notifications

  • Subscribers get email notifications
  • Message emails display rich media content and links to open up message
  • Clicking the email takes you to the message

Internal Messages

  • Message can be designated as internal
  • Only possible to send an internal message from the Editor
  • Internal messages only show up in the Editor
  • Internal message require a login to your account to view

Workspace Notification

Unread messages will preview when you view a workspace

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